Now that we've been at this for more than five years, the list of performers who have seen fit to play here (or maybe have been bamboozled into playing here) is really starting to get impressive.  We still can't believe all these folks have been in our living room.  See what you think.

Will Ackerman
Aztec Two Step
Eric Andersen
Christian Bauman
Jeff Black
Hugh Blumenfeld
Chuck Brodsky
David Buskin
Greg Cagno
Terry Clarke
David Cullen
Dennis Dougherty
Fred Eaglesmith
Cliff Eberhardt
Aengus Finnan
Five Chinese Brothers
John Flynn
John Forster
Jeffrey Foucault
Rex Fowler
Vance Gilbert
Eliza Gilkyson
Gordon Giltrap
Butch Hancock
Sara Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
Kate Jacobs
Lucy Kaplansky
James Keelaghan
Jimmie LaFave
Phillip Lester
Bernice Lewis
Rod MacDonald
Rod Picott
Mark Erelli
Eric Taylor
Tim Harrison
David Massengill
Cormac McCarthy
Lori McKenna
Tom Meltzer
Lynn Miles
Jory Nash
Pete Nelson
Tom Pacheco
Ellis Paul
Pierce Pettis
Preston Reed
Harvey Reid
Josh Ritter
Terre Roche
Garnet Rogers
David Roth
Tom Russell
Linda Sharar
Cosy Sheridan
Richard Shindell
Darden Smith
Michael Smith
Jill Sobule
Frank Tedesso
Greg Trooper
Terry Tufts
Cheryl Wheeler
Erica Wheeler
Slaid Cleaves
Maggie Roche
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Chuck Pyle
Bill Miller


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